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Millie-Millie-Millie-Millie Bun-Bun-Bun-Bun
Pry-Minister of Lagamorphia
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Hello Everybun.

I have been giving some thought to my August policy announcement and I have decided that I ought to throw this month's policy open for suggestions.

What would you like the Bunny-Mint to do for you this month?

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Hello friends.

This month, I want to speak to you about how we provide for the elderly. As I'm sure most of you know, a number of the most well known buns in Lagamorphia are getting well past their sell by date. I myself am not as young as I was, but Cedric, Bruno and Maddie are almost certainly entering their twilight days. I would appreciate it if each and every bun in Lagamorphia would take the time to send a daily dose of vibes for the three bunderful buns I have mentioned plus any others that you may know and I have overlooked.

Thanks to all of you.

policy statement ends.

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Greetings Fellow Lagamorphians and welcome to my June Policy Update.

I am very hoppy to be able to report that treats have been in plentiful supply here in The BunnyMint and that salads have been provided in great variety and generally on time. It is also good to be able to tell you that the wild rabbit population around here is booming. My pies tell me that there are more wild rabbits around than last year or the year before that which shows that our policies are working.

As you know my friends I try to keep my policy announcements as simple as possible, so this month I am only announcing one new policy and it is this. All rabbits should have at least 23 meals a day. We need to keep our strength up!

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Good evening everybun.  I am very pleased to be able to report that on my explicit instructions, our pet 2-foots have completely re-planned our living room introducing more tunnels, more cardboard boxes and lots more places in which to play and to hide. I therefore  declare that it is the policy of your Pry-Minister and her cabinet that 2-foots are to be instructed to change our environment on a regular basis so that we can enjoy life to the full!

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Good morning my friends and thank you for taking the time to read my April Policy Announcement.
Ii is a busy time in the BunnyMint. Cedric and I have been working hard campaigning to get the 
http://www.makeminechocolate.org.uk/ across the whole of Lagamorphia, but we will have to see what if any success we have had. Our policy to to continue to educate 2-foots about rabbits and the things that they need to be able to do to qualify as our servants.

We have also found time to do some work on BunnyTunes. BT6 is coming together nicely now and I expect it to be very well received when it is finally released. Any last minute contributions can still be sent in though so if you have anything, then now is the time to submit it.   

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Dear All,

I am not going to produce a budget for Lagamorphia as that is Maddie's job. I just hope though that when she does it that she looks after the old and disadvantaged rather better than the 2-foot Chance-seller has.

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Hello my friends and welcome to my March Policy Update.
I have decided this month to highlight a situation that has been concerning me some time now, I need to speak to you about carrots.

There has been a spate lately of 2-foots providing carrots that do not have their green tops attached. This is tantamount to cruelty and must be eradicated.

I would urge my ministers to submit suggestions to help Lagamorphian citizens to ensure that 2-foots provide properly constituted carrots.

Policy statement ends.

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Just a quick note to wish everybun a very Hoppy Dandy Day. I hope that each and every bun of you has had a lovely day.

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There are two very important dates coming up in the calendar:-

1. Saturday 18th February is Dandy Day. As Dandy himself was always the first to say, he was the most Handsome, Talented, and Modest bun in the world and each year we celebrate his life on the anniversary of the day that he went to the rainbow bridge.

2. Sunday 19th February is the Lagamorphia Jazz Festival. Dame Jazz will never be forgotten.

Please let everybun know how you will be celebrating these two notable dates. Personally, on Dandy Day I will just sit quietly and remember the first Buck I ever knew and how much he taught me. On the day of the Lagamorphia Jazz Festival I will be listening to non-stop BunnyTunes!

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